Powerful Guided Meditation


Imagine for a moment you are nearing the end of your beautiful, successful life. You are standing on the balcony of your castle, the warm breeze blowing, and you are looking out over all you have built over the course of your life; the land that you own and businesses you’ve built. The educations you’ve fostered, the communities you’ve empowered, the families you’ve supported.

This is our beginning point—the end. It is here that we discover and hone our true desires and intentions.

What are you seeing in this vision? What have you created? Who have you touched? What have you accomplished?

Take time today to write down five visions from your balcony. Be specific – really “see” your future. Your creations do not have to be actual physical things like homes or buildings—they can be community events or charitable foundations or scholarships. You may envision a family journal that is cherished and handed down through the generations. You may imagine a trust fund to send your great grandchildren to art school in Paris. You might see an annual extended-family gathering that continues in a special place for 100 years. Get fierce. Get bold. 

This is your life we are talking about.

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