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As we begin to navigate our personal financial journeys, we find ourselves bombarded with messages from the financial industry that promote fear and scarcity. Not exactly the information we want to hear when we first start out! The road to financial literacy is strewn with contradictive advice from companies that scarcely have our best interests at heart. Over the past 100 years, financial firms have tried to convince potential investors – people like us -- that we cannot possibly understand the intricacies of investing without the advice and guidance of these same financial institutions. Financial products have become more complex, marketing is more aggressive, and the industry relies more and more on fear mongering to propel sales and further disempower investors.

Essentially, the financial industry is a big, bloated shame-ification machine.

We are here to deliver a refreshing, new message:  Investing is not a race; rather, creating financial security is all about being consistent over time.  Being able to ask questions and build a trusted network of experts is exactly what empowers us.

Let’s TRANSFORM the way we approach investing, together.


Women are natural collaborators. We learn so much from each other by sharing our experiences and our lives (think product reviews on Amazon, employer reviews on GlassDoor, life sharing on Quora) Why not employ this sharing strategy as we create the path to building our Empires and creating the future we want to live in to?  

We are not billionaires touting the seven simple steps to financial anything!! We are just two financial mamas here to transform your thinking about money and financial well-being. We have some amazing stories about our journey through the money jungle, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

What you get in our WealthWise Transformation Program:

  • We will deliver to your inbox tools and habits that will empower your relationship with money, both personally and professionally.

  • We will share smart financial practices for saving, borrowing and investing.

  • We will encourage and guide you to build your trusted network of experts.

You just need to be ready and willing for financial transformation!

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