Empire Building Budgeting

To many of us, even the language of money – the words themselves -- can bring up a feeling dread. Speak these words aloud and see what feelings you conjure up:

  • Budgeting

  • Credit score

  • Interest rate

  • Compound interest

Ouch, right? The words almost seem to have hard, unforgiving edges, reminding us of what we haven’t done, haven’t accomplished, and haven’t dealt with properly. We might feel pressure to compare ourselves to others. Some may feel inadequate others a sense of failure. So—what’s happening? Did you know a guy named Budget who beat you up as a child? Were you lost and alone on Credit Score Road for hours when you were six before your brother rescued you? Of course not. But when our desires and our reality are not aligned, we feel a strong emotional tug. Some feel a strong punch in the gut. Others are just mildly uncomfortable.

Notice this feeling---it is your Emotional Super Power telling you that your feelings and your reality are out of alignment.

We’ll talk more about our Super Powers next week--- but this week, just NOTICE what comes up for you when you’re doing your bills, or putting together your budget or thinking about money. Write down your feelings, notice everything.

The 50/20/30 RULE

50% - Essential Expenses
These are your fixed costs that don’t vary much from month to month:

  • Housing - rent or mortgage

  • Transportation

  • Utilities

  • Groceries

20% - Financial Priorities
These are paid after your Essential Expenses, but before any other spending. They are key to a strong financial foundation:

  • Savings (i.e.; down payment on home)

  • Paying down debt

  • Emergency fund (includes student loans)

  • Retirement Fund (IRA, 401K, etc)

30% - Lifestyle
These are your day to day expenses and discretionary spending:

  • Cable, internet and phone plans

  • Charitable giving

  • Childcare

  • Entertainment

  • Gym fees

  • Hobbies

  • Pets

  • Personal care

  • Restaurants, bars, shopping and other miscellaneous expenses.


Use our Divine Budget Worksheet to categorize your expenses and identify how you’re spending. Once complete, compare your reality with the 50/20/30 Rule above.

Budgeting can often be a stressful thing to think about. Is there anything specific you feel the need to get off your chest?

Use our twitter as a platform to express these feelings (@GatherGrowGive) and we will be there to support you.

Journal time! 

Grab your journal to reflect on what you've discovered this week.

How did this week’s content & action make you feel?


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