Financially Faultless & Flawless: The Cleanup

If you’re reading this WealthWise series, you’re probably old enough to have some money baggage: events that you feel were financial missteps, habits that you feel are not optimal, fears and insecurities about your financial future. Everybody does. And our financial system of credit scores, pre-qualifications and approvals are there to remind you that unless you are Buffett or Branson or Cuban – you’re really never going to be good enough.

Sounds a little bit like the feeling you had when you were in high school, right? In our book there is really no reason to listen to the systemic message that you are in a race with a bazillion other strangers – because your future vision is completely unique. You are creating a path toward that future with consistent practices and consistent positive thoughts.

Based on society’s standards, boy have I made MANY financial missteps! I remember back in 2000 when my children were 8 and 4; I worked on a trading desk where the majority of traders were men (SHOCKER!). One of my male colleagues was bragging about how he was putting $200k into an account to pay for college for his kids. I remember being so jealous…feeling like “what the hell am I doing wrong that I can’t just put $200k in an account for my kids’ future?” Well, needless to say, that feeling lasted all the way until both my children entered college. I had saved, but I hadn’t saved enough for TWO out of state, private colleges. It’s situations like this one that have haunted me over the stretch of my career. Comparative competence: trying to gauge my financial success around the decisions of others.
I have come to learn that my decisions are just that – MINE.  They are for me and only me. I have fallen and gotten back up more times than I care to admit, but It’s OK! Just because I am in finance does not mean that I have all the answers, but my experiences have molded me into the woman I am today.  They are what ignite this intense fire within my soul to empower women around all things money. I have learned to let go of the things I consider missteps and embrace the things I believe were wins.

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