Whatever your vision, we provide you a customized financial plan to help you create it.

  • Save for a family vacation home.
  • Retire on your terms.
  • Build wealth to fund your passions.


Our senior team will work with your family to create and implement a comprehensive financial plan capturing all of the details of your financial world and helping you make sense of them.

Your Financial Plan Includes:

  • Developing a clear picture of your current financial situation by reviewing your income, assets and liabilities, and evaluating your insurance coverage, investment portfolios, tax exposure and estate plan;
  • Establishing and prioritizing financial goals and timeframes for achieving these goals;
  • Identifying alternative strategies that build on your financial strengths; and
  • Choosing specific products and services tailored to help meet your family's financial objectives.


The financial planning process doesn't end once your initial plan has been created. Our intensive annual meeting will focus on reviewing your desires, needs and the economy to enhance the trajectory of your plan.

Financial Planning FAQ’s

What does a financial plan cost?

Everyone’s financial planning process, like their journey, is unique.  Your investment in your financial empire can start at $1750 depending on your financial world.  50% is due at engagement with the balance due at completion.

Where do I meet with the advisor?

We can meet at our office in downtown NYC or we can meet somewhere more convenient for you!

How do I come prepared for the first meeting?

On our initial call we will provide you with a questionnaire and checklist of items you should bring.

How long does a financial plan take?

Financial planning is an in depth process that requires your full participation.  The process can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks for the initial plan with scheduled quarterly check in calls throughout the year.

What is my commitment to this process?

You must be ready and willing to take the leap!  Our ability to effectively and efficiently  plan depends heavily on your willingness to provide information, meet deadlines and do the work.  We can’t do this for you, but we will create it with you!