Align your current actions with your long term financial vision. 

With Divine Asset Management as your family’s Chief Financial Officer, we support your family in a myriad of wealth-related activities, including financial planning, cash flow analysis and budgeting, risk management and insurance, and more.

Your family's Chief Financial Officer will provide an overarching strategy and implement systems to manage critical financial information. This proactive, professional approach empowers your family's ability to manage financial affairs, educate family members, create wealth and build the empire of your dreams.

We also work within our network and yours to provide estate and tax planning and other services.  



Our team of Advisors with over 75 years of combined experience will:

  • Create and establish annual financial objectives that align with your family's wealth building goals;
  • Design strategies, procedures and systems to provide your family with critical information to accomplish financial goals;
  • Regularly communicate, engage and interact with all members of your family to ensure alignment and education;
  • Assist in selecting and engaging trusted experts as needed (attorneys, accountants, coaches, therapists, etc.);
  • Serve as your point person as needed when making financial decisions and partner in pivotal decisions as they relate to strategic financial goals; and
  • Assess and evaluate the financial performance of your family with regard to short term and long term goals.

Family CFO FAQ’s

What does this cost?

The monthly cost for our Family CFO services are based on % of income.

Where do I meet with the advisor?

We can meet at our office in downtown NYC or we can meet somewhere more convenient for you!

How do I come prepared for the first meeting?

On our initial call we will provide you with a questionnaire and checklist of items you should bring.

What is the difference between Family CFO and a Financial Plan?

Family CFO services proactively coordinate the many facets of your financial world with regular contact. Financial planning is an in depth process of your financial world with an annual review.

What is my commitment to this process?

This is the beginning of a continuous relationship, we will be connecting with each other on a weekly and/or monthly basis.