Women who gather for financial support win big

Who is your “person”?

If you’re anything like me, you have that individual or individuals in your life that you call to ask about everything under the sun!

If I need information about a recipe, I call my mom or my aunts.  If I need to know anything about hair, I call my son.  A breakdown of the latest political event, my husband.

But here’s the thing before 2014, I realized that I didn’t have a “financial person”.  I didn’t have anyone I could call to ask if I was on the right track, if I was saving enough, how best I could get out of the mountain of debt I had accumulated, or anything else.

I had worked in finance my whole adult life and I was basically on my own.


I think we can all agree that at some point in our life we have felt person-less about something.

But what happens when we women come together to learn, share and experience things as a group?

There’s a shift and we take our power back.

We trade in that fear, shame and inadequacy for strength, knowledge and power!

When we surround ourselves with a successful tribe of women we feed off each other’s energy and we begin to thrive.

Every woman needs a powerful network of women. Women that are willing to share what they know and who they know.

This is exactly what happens when we gather for financial support.  I don’t mean help paying the credit card bill, but reaching out to people that can guide us and see things for us that we can’t see for ourselves.  

Women build wealth in collaboration not isolation.

Many women struggle with building their dreams because our financial system expects wealth to be built in isolation. Money is not complicated, especially when we have the right support and resources to guide us. When women stand together in their truth, wear their confidence and realize their financial power, great things happen. Divine Asset Management has a whole new approach built by women for women.

When we guide women, and help them understand that we don’t just have to be consumers of this economy, we can help them make the shift to owners of the economy with a seat at the table.

The effects of women in their financial power can be significant.  One of those effects is that we are amazing investors!

Did you know that research shows that women are better investors than men? Men sometimes buy and sell too soon, where women adhere more to the “buy and hold” strategy.  Women are less about out-smarting the market and more about long term investing goals.  

Today I am no longer “person-less”. I am truly blessed to have built a beautiful circle of women who I trust, admire and respect.  We share triumphs, challenges and dreams about our Empires. Although everyone’s financial journey is unique, it doesn’t mean it has to be lonely.

It’s time for you to become a powerful financial being at our WealthWise Exchange live event in New York. This is a whole new approach built by women for women. Join our exclusive community of women embracing their financial power, register here.