Finding our Money Consciousness: By our intern, Catie Lyons

Financial consciousness isn’t something usually taught.

It is supposed to be this innate skill we are born with but should never speak about. However, with the world and opportunities continually growing, the need to be financially conscious grows as well. Women have elected careers such as financial advisors, engineers, mathematicians, and so many traditionally male-dominated roles and with these careers come substantial financial advancements as well.

We are responsible for our own money and it’s nobody’s business, or is it?

Many women were brought up with the notion that money wasn’t their worry or their responsibility, so never really learned about it. However, in this day and age, it is essential that women get a spot at the financial table, too. The first thing to note is that we are making strides every day.

It takes time to learn the discipline around earning, saving, and spending our money wisely. We are highly capable of taking charge of our lives and making it whatever we want it to be so why does it seem so scary?

Well for one, the idea of planning and working with numbers is daunting enough to keep us a safe distance away from dealing with anything around our finances.

We think about things like health savings accounts, investments, and money markets as vehicles so foreign that we just don’t have the capacity to take them on. The truth is though, it is completely okay to ask for help.

Nobody ever got where they wanted to be without a little help.

Early on, we somehow learn that talking about money is taboo and bringing it up is rude however, most of the people around us struggle with the same things we do.  It is so important to surround ourselves with people we can go to for financial help.

At Divine we call it a circle of influence. A group of people that we can turn to for support, guidance and the dirty truth. 

Making sound financial decisions is imperative to reaching our best, most enlightened financial self, but we don’t have to go it alone. When we share stories, triumphs, challenges and tips with one another, we build each other up individually and as a network.

So, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. Seek professional counsel when needed and look to your circle of influence for guidance. Build up your network of trusted individuals who can be a resource throughout your lifetime and remember that our financial journey does not have to be a lonely one.


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