Build your Empire: Choose one new positive habit for the next 12 months

“With time and effort almost any habit can be reshaped” – Charles Duhig, author

Isn’t this a relief? 

When I came across this quote earlier in the year it really resonated with me.  It reinforced what I have been saying all along; we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to get on track financially, but we do need to assess our habits.

What habits have you been keeping that are quite possibly derailing your financial success?

For me, this one is easy.  For a long time I didn’t pay myself first! My husband and I were making great money, but what was coming in was going out even before we got paid. 

He and I were in the habit of SPENDING!

I believe this goes back to my money story.  I grew up in a home where money was scarce so as soon as I got my hands on some all I could do was spend, spend, spend.

What is it for you? Is it impulsive shopping? Is it eating out too many times a week? Maybe you love one too many lattes in the morning. Addicted to Amazon? Whatever it is you can correct course.

What if we made a choice to drop one bad habit in exchange for a good one?


One new positive habit for the next 12 months! I’m not talking about those new year’s resolutions that we already ditched (so much for me giving up cheese!).  I want you to choose ONE new practice or habit to fold into your regular routine.

This one subtle change can help you better manage your money and increase your confidence with it. If you can’t think of any here are a few to get you started:


·         Check your bank account daily

·         Use an app to track your money

·         Skip the $5 coffee on the way to work

·         Review your credit report every month

·         Open and contribute to a high yield, online savings account

·         Take our Financial Habit Assessment


I truly believe that we can incorporate healthy financial habits for building wealth that fit our busy schedules.  

When my husband and I finally realized that the habit of spending was derailing our Empire building journey, we changed course and figured out a way to pay ourselves first before a single dime came out of our account.

I must say that it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made for our family.

Divine Asset Management wants you to Create your Empire. Your Way. Start your new journey with two free gifts to bring your dreams to life.

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