Can I start investing?

At Divine we start with an exercise called Empiring. It's about envisioning the future we have created for our self and our loved ones. Creating an investment strategy that has a positive impact and a good long term rate of return is very much part of that journey. One thing to keep in mind is that there are many pieces to the puzzle that we should consider before opening an investment account.

  1. Empire - Start at the End: what did we build, create and bring to life over the course of our lifetime? Work on the colorful map to your lifetime goals. How long is your investment horizon? If you're 40 now, consider that you'll be investing for 20 to 50 more years!!!
  2. Safety Net: We should have a savings account with at least 3-6 months of expenses covered- because we never know how life can hit us.
  3. Paying down our debt is another item to consider. It's important that our after tax cost of borrowing be LESS than our after tax return on investments.
  4. We should have all of our insurance bases covered - this includes life, disability, and health insurance.

  5. Risk: Figure out your appetite for risk. (And by the way, women are not averse to risk, that's a myth!) Try one of the risk calculators available through a Google search. Here's a good one:

By taking a holistic approach to Empire building we better insulate ourselves from unexpected things along the way. To learn more about investing email us for your WealthWise consultation at!