Letting go of the money shame

The new year is around the corner and it's that time of the year to reflect upon the previous year's achievements and to set new goals for next year. We know that many of us feel stressed, guilty and ashamed about some of the financial decisions we have made in the past. These feelings may be affecting our self-esteem and preventing us from actually reaching our dreams. Some of us implemented strict budgets that we couldn't stick to, or borrowed money from someone/from a bank for a reason that we feel ashamed of talking about today. It's time to talk about emotions and money and highlight the great financial achievements in your life that we know that you all have. We would like to share some tips of how to letting go of shame to make room for abundance and possibility.

  1. Letting go of the missteps and embrace the things we believe were wins.

Let's begin by dropping all that shame, the stress, the feeling of not measuring up, of missing opportunities and let it go! This is the true first challenge of changing your emotions around money. When we hold on to an image of ourselves as not as financially savvy enough, we have no room to become it. Instead, write down three positive money-events that you created in your life.

  1. Set a realistic goal and minor milestones to get there

If we set expectations too high, like saving a lot more than we can afford in one year, we create a risk of becoming disappointed in ourselves. Write down a long term goal, but also some minor milestones that you can achieve in the near future. Let's be realistic, honest and nice to ourselves.

  1. Do something good with some of your money

Giving back to charity can make us feel great about ourselves. Maybe make a small donation every month or year to a local charity or your favorite organization. The amount isn't important, it's about the feeling we get when we "pay it forward". We can be proud of our financial decisions and that helps change our mindset.