Why tightening the budget feels like a diet

Written by Valerie Sanchez

When we say the word budget we automatically think of all the things we will no longer be able to do. No more lattes, no happy hour with friends, no new fabulous shoes, no manicures or pedicures and the list goes on. Oh, poor us.

Why is it that our brain is trained to negatively react to this word?  We react to it the same way we react to the word diet. And anyone who has ever been on one knows the joy of that. Not.

We think this way because of what we believe those words imply. 


We think that in order to tighten our purse strings we must deny ourselves the comforts or luxuries we have become accustomed to. We think that we must live in a state of boredom and discontent. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way!

Small and simple changes have big, long lasting impact.

Tightening doesn’t equal a blanket “NO” across the board.  It just means that we are less impulsive when making purchases (just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you have to buy it!!) and more thoughtful about where our money goes. Maybe we don’t need to go out for dinner and drinks 3 times a week. Maybe one night is more realistic and affordable.  

I also believe that a fresh perspective can help us feel like we are still LIVING LARGE while we build our savings. What if while we tighten our budget we did things that made us feel like we were also increasing the quality of our life?

Here are a few things that can help with changing our mindset.


  • Let’s start with spending more time with the people we love, people who uplift us and feed our soul. For some that’s family.  For others, it could mean a book club, church, or a bible study.  When we surround ourselves with good company we automatically feel better. 


  • Cook the food we love! Eating at home is so much cheaper & healthier. And if you’re like me, feeding others makes you feel good, too.


  • Listen to the music that makes us want to dance; after all music IS food for the soul.


  • Go through your closet and host a Clothing Swap with your friends! It’s a great way to purge for the season and you can all update your outfits and accessories at zero cost.


  • ·Spruce up your home. A new DIY project (my fave), move the furniture around, frame family pictures with frames from the $1 store. 


  • ·Take advantage of the free events in your area. Museums, music festivals, parks, beaches, or whatever works for you.


The key here is that deprivation is a negative state of mind that does not have to be part of your journey.



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