Protecting Your BIG, Beautiful Life & Loves

Life insurance.

There I said it. Those two bad words.

Two words that most people never utter.  And if they do, it’s an item on the “to do” list, but nowhere near the top.  It’s something that we know to be important and we probably should have, but never actually bother getting.  Kind of like the importance we give the dentist, right? Our teeth are necessary, but the odds we make and KEEP that appointment are about as unlikely as us hitting the mega!

Why is this? My best guess; fear.

We are afraid of death and anything else that is unknown.  It’s our own naiveté that gets in our way. 

Let me share that I am not immune to this. Before I bought my own policy in 2000, life insurance was a foreign concept to me.  No one I knew had it; therefore, I knew nothing about it. I am so grateful that one of my co-workers introduced me to the idea and his advisor.  My initial thought was that I wasn’t “rich” so it didn’t apply to me, but boy was I wrong. My husband and I sat with this gentleman and listened intently to his every word. And at the same time, we had NO IDEA what he was talking about!

You know that “Wall street jargon, finger pointing, chest pounding ‘you know nothing, I know everything’…” kind of conversation?!  Yeah, that one.

Of course, we bought it, but not because we knew the benefits.  We bought it because he scared the shit out of us!  The absence of life insurance upon the premature death of myself or my husband could be devastating. This was the part of the conversation we heard loud and clear. DEVASTATION. Yikes!

It wasn’t until years later that we sat down with a trusted friend who was also an insurance agent and he broke it down for us.  He explained the types of insurances, why one would need a certain amount, how we could use permanent insurance as an asset while we are still alive.  He really educated us on what we owned and what we may be lacking. He moved me so much that I even got licensed as an insurance agent myself.

You’ve heard me say this before: Act. Of.  Love. Well, life insurance is also an Act of Love.

You see, once you have a family you are no longer allowed to be selfish.  You are no longer allowed to believe that once you are gone “it’s not your problem.” That “someone will figure it out.”  Because the fact is that no one should have to figure it out. 

Losing a loved one is hard enough. 

People are left to mourn and hurt and learn to live with a gaping hole in their heart and life.  We owe it to our families not to compound the pain by burdening them with the financial worries.  The average funeral costs over $10,000 and this is merely the beginning of this journey. What kind of financial impact do you think your death would have upon your family? Take your future earnings into consideration and I’d say it would be huge. 

Life insurance allows your family to give you a proper burial. It ensures that they stay in the home you created together.  It can send your kids to college, pay off debts, and in general give them financial peace of mind.

It is part of your legacy.

Far too many times I see GoFundMe pages asking for donations for someone who has passed.  You’ve seen them, right? This is NOT a viable plan. Even if friends and family raise enough funds for the burial, what happens next? Who takes care of the people you love? How will they make ends meet? Will they be forced to sell the family home just to stay afloat?

Of course, life insurance may not be for everyone.  If you can “self-insure” because you have the cash to leave behind, then that’s wonderful.  If you are single with no kids, it may not be on your radar for now. But if you have people who rely on you financially at this very moment, then IT IS FOR YOU.

In fact, it is for THEM.


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