A Living Will is an Act of Love | by: Val Sanchez

It was over 20 years ago when my grandmother suffered a stroke and wound up on life support and yet it seems like it was yesterday. There are things that will remain etched in your brain for as long as you live.  This is one of those things. It was heart wrenching to watch everyone she loved suffer.  I remember vividly when my grandfather said that “it was time”.  He had to make one of the worst decisions of his life; let her go.  The family cried in anguish over the decision, but he knew what was best and surely he knew what she wanted, or at least we trusted that he did.

But was it what SHE wanted?  We will never know for sure.

Why should we leave that decision up to the ones we love?  Shouldn’t we make our wishes known while we are alive? And if you are one of the many that struggles with the mere thought of this topic, then maybe thinking about it as an act of love may change your mind.  Sharing your desires and dreams with your family is an act of love as important as the love, food, shelter and security you provide for them while you are alive.

I highly doubt that any of us want to burden our family with worry while they are already reeling with emotion and chaotic thoughts.

A living will is a written statement detailing a person's desires regarding their medical treatment in circumstances in which they are no longer able to express informed consent. When drafting a living will we leave clear and concise instructions that are not open to interpretation. 

No one has to wonder if they are doing the right thing.  No one has to bear the burden of guilt while playing the “what if” game.

Losing a loved one is hard enough. Let’s be responsible and give our families one more gift while we can.  The gift of our decision memorialized on paper, clarity to mourn and peace of mind.

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