5 Tips On How To Go Out With Friends While On A Budget

Sticking to a budget can seem overwhelming at times. You may have already accounted for your lifestyle habits in your financial plan, but making sure to stay within that limit can be hard. It may feel like you don’t have the financial capability to keep up with your social life, but fear not! We’ve thought of a few budget friendly tips to help ensure that you can continue to go out with your friends while living within your means.

1) Try going out for only one thing. For example, rather then going out for dinner and drinks with friends, consider eating in and meeting everyone out for drinks later on in the night. This way, you can save without sacrificing your social life. This doesn’t just apply to drinks! Rather than going out for a meal, try just going out for dessert. The Melting Pot, for example, is a restaurant where you can make a reservation just for chocolate fondue. It’s more affordable, still fun, and you’ll get to go out without breaking the bank.

2) Make sure to do your research. A quick look into which restaurants near you offer deals or happy hours can end up saving you more than you’d think! An added bonus to this is that you and your friends will probably end up trying new restaurants. One app that can help you with this search is Happy Hour Finder. It is a free app available on Apple and Android phones that can help you locate the biggest savings available closest to you.

3) Take advantage of free events. No matter the city or neighborhood you live closest to, there is, without a doubt, a calendar of free events to be utilized. These events can be anything from free concerts, to activities, so make sure to explore these opportunities and you’ll be sure to find a number of fun and free things to do with your friends!

4) It’s the summer; go to the park! Don’t be afraid to suggest simply packing up a meal and enjoying it outside in the beautiful summer weather. More likely than not, your friends will be excited to spend some much needed time outside.

5) Use coupons with pride! End the stigma associated with using coupons and make them work to your advantage. Coupons for restaurants are more common for lunch than for dinner, but luckily, going out for lunch tends to be a cheaper option to begin with. With both these factors working for you, you can still go out for a nice meal and maximize your savings. Additionally, Groupon can prove to be an invaluable resource. Always be sure to check what offers are available before you go out!