4 Apps to Help You Live a More Organized and Healthy Life

Smartphones have worked their way into most aspects of our lives. They are our cameras, watches, media sources, and so on. The beauty of this is that we now have more information easily organized and available to use in the palm of our hands. These four apps are great to help keep you organized and make your day-to-day tasks more efficient:

  1. Bank-specific mobile banking app

More likely than not, the bank you belong to has its own specific app available in the app store. Using your current account information, you can simply sign into the app and manage your finances on the go. I personally prefer a banking app to a banks desktop website. In my experience, I have found the interface of the application dramatically more user friendly and efficient. These apps include many features crucial to keeping your finances organized, including depositing checks using your phone’s camera, paying off credit card bills, and having the ability to constantly monitor your spending and saving.

  1. Venmo

Cash seems to be slowly phasing out of people’s preferred payment methods. Because more people are using debit and credit cards for their day-to-day spending, going to an ATM to take out cash is increasingly becoming more of a chore. That’s where Venmo steps in. Venmo allows you to link your credit and debit cards to the app and connects you to your friends. You can pay or request payments from friends to make your ATM visits as infrequent as possible. Do you owe your roommate rent money? Did a coworker cover your lunch? You can now pay them directly through the app, from your card to theirs. The application itself is very secure. It has multiple levels of security in order to verify your identity each time you open the app.

  1. Google Maps

Some of you reading this may have raised an eyebrow when you saw Google Maps on the list. Maybe you’re thinking it seems too obvious, or maybe you’re content using the maps application that already comes built into every iPhone. Here is why Google Maps is included on this list: it contains a GPS, traffic updates, and public transportation instructions all into one user-friendly application. Are you visiting New York and don’t know how to use subway system? No problem, Google Maps will take the grunt work out of your stay. This application is a MUST for anyone who travels or is acclimating to a new city.

  1. CalorieKing

There are hundreds of applications that allow you to track your daily calorie intake. Unfortunately, I do not have the patience to log each meal and snack I eat through out the day (if you do, more power to you!) CalorieKing is not a food journal. It is, however, an enormous database of nutritional information for any food you could think of. You simply search whatever food you need information for, and the answer drops down below. Possibly the most convenient aspect of this app is that there is an option to look at menus of popular chain restaurants with the nutrition information included. This feature allows you to choose a healthier option at locations where it may seem difficult to do so.