What To Ask In An Interview

If there is any one piece of information that has been constantly drilled into my head about the job interview process, it is that you must ask your interviewer a question before you leave the interview. Personally, this concept always gave me a bit of anxiety. I didn’t want my question to make it seem like I didn’t do enough background research on a company or that I was unprepared for an interview. Finding the perfect question to ask for each individual job interview seems like a daunting task. Remember; this is another opportunity to sell yourself to your potential employer. So what messages do the perfect questions encapsulate? There are three key impressions you can leave on an interviewer using your question:

  1. Use your question to demonstrate a genuine interest for the company you are interviewing for. Questions that do this could be:

    • Can you tell me more about the company’s upcoming plan for the new [product/service/expansion]?
    • What do you enjoy the most about working for this company?
  2. Use your question to highlight your key competencies and to continue discussing why you are qualified for this position. Questions that do this could be:

    • [Blank] is one of my biggest strengths. What opportunities will there be for me to utilize this ability within this position?
    • Is there any additional information I can provide you to help make your decision easier?
  3. Use your question to see if the position is right for you. While on the job hunt, people often become so concerned about selling themselves to a company that they forget to find out if the company is even what they really want. Questions to determine if YOU want to work for a company could be:

    • How would you describe the environment of this office?
    • Can you tell me anything about the team of people I would potentially be working with?